Recoil Winders - Never fight tangled cords again.

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This beta includes a focus group. Complete the tasks and provide quality feedback when the focus group is open and earn up to $15. - Learn more

Time required
20-30 mins
Avg. Reward
$ Warning: Division by zero in /var/app/current/go.php on line 2120 0 ($15 max)
Feedback due
Dec 31st, 6pm (Central Time)

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  • Review the tasks/questions at the bottom of this page in the feedback section.
  • Access the app and complete the required tasks and questions.
  • If your feedback is deemed high quality by the startup (rated 3 to 5 stars), your Erli Bird account will be credited for the full amount in 3 days. Don't provide one word answers. Go above and beyond to help them out.
  • You can request a payment transfer to your PayPal once your account hits $30. PayPal is required. Full payment instructions provided at the completion of your first focus group.

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