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Recruit and run a targeted real-world focus group for beta testing, user experience testing, or market research.

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Noteworthy Past Campaigns
175 User Beta Group & Great Feedback

Typeform has revolutionized online surveys, featured all over the press, and is used by Sony, AirBNB, TNW.

500 User Pre-Beta Focus Group

Went on to achieve 20,000 signups before their private beta launch.

Indiegogo Success!

First on ErliBird. Later on CNBC, betakit and more and successful Indiegogo campaign (still underway)!

Great Feedback From 120+ Developers

Syncano has been named “One of the 150 most promising startups in the world.”

Kickstarter Success!

First on ErliBird. Later on Popular Mechanics, CNET & more and raised $300,000 on Kickstarter.

Targeted Quality Feedback From 100 Gamers

Amazing insight into strengths, weekensses, bugs, and more.

What Our Customers Say
Erlibird was an important part of emberlight's product validation strategy before we launched on Kickstarter. By seeing instant traction and interacting with early adopters, we felt confident in moving forward.
Atif Noori

CEO & Founder, Emberlight

Not only did we get a lot of support and assistance when launching our early access program, but the results were fantastic. We received close to 500 signups for our beta program and hundreds of insightful comments and questions from early adopters. We would recommend Erli Bird to anyone who is at the stage of launching their next company or product.
Johan Malmberg

Head of Business Development, HotJar Insights

Erli birds are smart, creative and eager to discover new products. They will get to the essence of your tool in no time and give you quality feedback enough to shape your roadmap for well into the future. Typeform received several hundred signups at an amazing visitor-to-signup ratio - and great energy to move forward!
Robert Muñoz

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

How It Works

We recruit a targeted focus group matching your ideal audience from our global pool of 50,000+ real-world users. Interested users complete a pre-screener survey application to join the focus group.


The best applicants are accepted into the focus groups. We make it easy for users to access your product or concept. Each user engages with your product over one or multiple sessions spanning days or weeks.


You get guaranteed engagement and high quality feedback from each focus group member. At the end of the project, we provide a summary report of all feedback, ideas, advice, and bugs. You can even follow up with each participant directly for additional questions/clarification.

Do you know what users think about your product? We've helped 1,500 new products get over 1,000,000 words of feedback.

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