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Powerful Real-World Beta Testing

ErliBird beta testing campaigns give you the power of a global testing community and expert tools and support to guide you along the way. Get the honest and actionable feedback you need to launch successful apps, websites, and hardware products your customers will love.

  • Participant Recruiting

  • Expert Project Management

  • High Quality Results

How It Works

With a global community of 70,000+ real-world testers, ErliBird makes it easy to run your beta test and get high quality engagement and feedback from your target audience.

Our simple and powerful platform works within your existing tools and development workflows. Your expert project manager will work with you to understand your goals and develop a beta plan.

Watch and interact with testers through our real-time project dashboard. Within days, you'll have high-quality actionable feedback and comprehensive reporting designed to help you take the next steps towards launching a successful app.

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Participant Recruiting
Real-Time Project Dashboard
Instant Quality Results
Your expert project manager will recruit targeted beta testers from our community of 70,000+.
Get updates in real-time as testers complete tasks, surveys, bug reports and more.
You'll immediately begin to get quality engagement and actionable results.

What Do You Get?

ErliBird provides the global testing community, the tools to manage your beta test, and an expert beta test project manager to guide you throughout the process.

We'll recruit and screen quality beta testers that match your target audience by age, gender, income, education, device requirements, locations, interests, and more.

You get quality results and actionable data: Live video/audio screen captures for usability issues, detailed bug reports, and comprehensive task and survey feedback with graphs and detailed text responses.

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Expert Project Manager
We Supply Targeted Participants
Live Usability Videos
Bug & Issue Reports
Complete Quality Feedback
Your dedicated project manager is available online and off to help you succeed.
You get real-world testers that match your target audience from our community of 70,000+.
Get live video & audio and facial expressions as testers uncover usability issues.
Collect real-time bug reports along with descriptive screen shots and videos.
Create tasks & surveys and collect comprehensive qualitative & quantitative feedback.

Client Snapshot

We've helped over 1,500 leading companies build better products, from promising new startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

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